School Supplies

Back to School During a Pandemic

This school year is unlike any other back to school year yet! Some of you are going in person, while many will be doing it online, or at home.

We want to help make this time as stress-free as possible. Instead of waiting in line at Walmart we recommend buying school supplies online this year, not only is it safer but it is more affordable as well!

Here is a list of must have back to school supplies for this upcoming school year:

Pencil Pouches

Every kid needs their own pencil bag to keep all their supplies organized and in one place! Mr. Pen pencil pouches are durable, long-lasting, and have a clear front side for easy viewing. They each have 3 holes to fit in the rings of a binder.

Pencil Sharpeners

Keep learning fun with vibrant assorted emoji pencil sharpeners! They come in a pack of 6 and each has a removable transparent back for removing the pencil shavings.

Pencil Grips

Mr. Pen pencil grips are designed to effectively help kids correctly position and hold their pencils to prevent soreness and irritations caused by writing. These grips are made from silicone gel and come in a pack of 10!


Tired of highlighters bleeding through your pages? Mr. Pen has a pack of 8 gel dry highlighters that won’t bleed through any paper or smear across. Each highlighter has a twist up design, a cap that snaps on, and can be sharpened with a pencil sharpener to create a fine tip.

Fun Erasers

Keep learning fun! Mr. Pen has a pack of 30 latex-free fun food erasers. Each eraser can be disassembled and reassembled again!


Mr. Pen kid’s craft scissors come in a pack of 6. Each kid scissor is 5 inches in length and is designed for both right-hand and left-hand use. These kid scissors have a blunt tip for your child’s safety and an ergonomic plastic handle for grip and comfort.


Mr. Pen offers a 3-pack of transparent 12 inch plastic rulers. Each ruler has dual-side measuring in inches and centimeters. The prints are accurate, easy to read, and long lasting, which make these rulers perfect for your kids to use over the years!

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