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Mr. Pen Products Pass the Test!

Mr. Pen Products Pass the Test! 

Nicki Drake from Crazy Simple Truth Ministries recently reviewed several of our Mr. Pen products on her channel, and the takeaway is clear: Mr. Pen products pass the test!

Looking for the Perfect Pens for Bible Study?

Because Bibles are printed on thin paper, it can be hard to find highlighters and markers that work well for Bible study. Even Bibles that are designed for note-taking and coloring present a unique challenge to their readers — the pages are so thin that many writing instruments bleed through to the other side, making it difficult to read or take notes on both sides of the page. 

Nicki Drake understands these challenges, which is why she tried out several of our products to see what works well for note-taking and highlighting! 

Nicki reviewed three of our products in great detail in her video, evaluating smoothness, color, and, of course, bleed-through. 

Let’s take a look at what she learned by trying out these three different Mr. Pen products!

Mr. Pen Fineliners Review

Nicki really liked these multi-color fineliner pens! While they are not designed specifically for Bible journaling or Bible study, many Bible readers like Nicki use them for making notes. 

They don’t bleed through, they are quick-drying, and they are smear-resistant. Nicki loved the 0.4 mm fine tips, which wrote smoothly and cleanly on the page.

She especially liked that you could make really detailed notes with these super fine nibs! 

They had a little bit of show-through but no bleed-through at all. As Nicki turned the pages of her Bible, she could easily use both sides without a problem, even when writing a lot on the pages with these pens! 

Nicki recommended these products for scripture journaling, as scripture journals often have thicker pages since they don’t have to print as much in one binding.  

Mr. Pen Bible Pens Review

Nicki also really liked Mr. Pen Bible Pens! This 16-pack of pens comes with two pens of each of eight colors. She especially loved the 100% satisfaction guarantee, which allows buyers to return their Bible Pens if they don’t love them! 

She noted the reasonable price and the fact that they write very smoothly. She tried the pens on multiple Bibles and found that with some pages, there was no evident visibility on the back of the page! For Bibles with especially thin pages, there was a little bit of see-through but no bleeding and nothing noticeable or problematic. 

Nick said that she would definitely use these in the margins of her Bible to take notes and mark passages! “I’m loving these!” she declared at one point!

Mr. Pen Bible Highlighters Review

While the pens were great, what Nicki really loved the most were the Mr. Pen Bible Highlighters

These gel highlighters are milder than super-bright highlighters many people get stuck with using. The gorgeous pastels were exactly what Nicki was looking for!

She noted that the highlighters were smooth and beautiful and that they had really great pastel colors. “I’m in love!” she said. 

They don’t show through to the other side, and they are usable with any Bible!

Deepen Your Bible Study Through the Use of Mr. Pen Bible Pen Products!

Mr. Pen products are designed for users like you! Check out our affordable collection of high quality, gorgeous writing utensils, including those designed with Christian shoppers in mind.

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